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EBR Consulting

Here’s What We Provide

Services: Services

Discovery and Assessment

•  Understand client's business requirements, current IT infrastructure, and pain points.

•  Conduct a comprehensive assessment of Storage, Virtualization, Active Directory, Windows & Linux, Monitoring & Backup environments.

•  Identify gaps, vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and areas for improvement.

Solution Design

•  Develop a tailored solution that aligns with your business goals and addresses the identified issues.

•  Design an enterprise storage architecture that accommodates scalability, performance, and data protection requirements.

•. Architect virtualization solutions based on industry best practices, considering factors like server consolidation, resource optimization, and high availability.

•  Plan and implement an optimized Active Directory structure for user management, group policies, and security.

•  Design Windows & Linux infrastructure solutions, ensuring compatibility, performance, and security.

•  Create backup and monitoring strategies that ensure data protection, disaster recovery, and proactive system health monitoring.

Implementation and Deployment

•. Coordinate with the client's IT team to execute the implementation plan.

•  Deploy and configure Enterprise Storage Systems, Virtualization Platforms, Active Directory Infrastructure, and Windows & Linux environments.

•  Migrate data and applications to the new infrastructure, ensuring minimal downtime and data integrity.

•  Set up backup and monitoring systems, establish automated processes, and perform initial backups and system checks.

•  Conduct rigorous testing and verification to ensure the stability and functionality of the implemented solutions.

Documentation and Knowledge Transfer

•  Document the implemented infrastructure, configurations, and procedures.

•  Provide comprehensive documentation on Storage Architecture, Virtualization setup, Active Directory Design, Windows & Linux configurations, and Backup & Monitoring processes.

•  Conduct knowledge transfer sessions with the client's IT team to ensure they understand the new infrastructure and can manage it effectively.

Training and Support

•  Offer training sessions to educate the client's IT team on the administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the implemented solutions.

•  Provide ongoing technical support and assistance, either through a dedicated support portal, email, or scheduled maintenance windows.

•  Regularly review the implemented systems' performance, security, and backup integrity, and make recommendations for improvements or updates as needed.

•  Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in enterprise storage, virtualization, Active Directory, Windows & Linux, and backup & monitoring technologies to provide informed support and guidance.

Continuous Improvement

•  Continuously monitor and evaluate the implemented solutions for optimization opportunities.

•  Propose enhancements or upgrades to improve performance, security, or cost-efficiency.

•  Collaborate with the client to plan future infrastructure expansions or technology migrations to meet changing business needs.

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